Sunday, Feb 25 2018
3pm – 7pm

James Schenck

As in previous works by James Schenck, his latest exhibition at HIELO, «Bosque de la Memoria», utilizes the bare 2”x4” stud as a stand-in for the everyman. Free of race, gender or any other categorical variable, it's a personified piece of lumber that exudes both an optimistic universality of humanity and the realization of the self as a commodity. Using studs allows the artist to approach his own existence, purpose, and mortality; and provides a workable platform for him to question and critique the world he shares with everyone, but ultimately observes alone.

For his exhibition at HIELO, «Bosque de la Memoria», Schenck explores topics of solidarity, community, the ephemeral, permanence, and legacy. The stylized wooden “studs” are inspired by Schenck's own experiences and memories on the island of Puerto Rico. Here they become stand-ins – characters and metaphors for friends, family, sites, and sound previously encountered. As the individual “studs” multiply in the studio, a forest of memories emerges.

The project’s larger narrative continues beyond the exhibition once the ‘bosque’ is ‘harvested’ and donated to Habitat for Humanity Puerto Rico to become part of a site currently under construction in San Juan.


The artist would like to thank HIELO A.I.R. for the opportunity to create this work and to send a BIG thank you to all of his generous donors without whom this residency and exhibition would not have been possible. 

Installation Walk-through, HIELO AIR, San Juan, Puerto Rico


This project was made possible by the kind donations of the following:

Debbie and Greg Blouch, Pascale Cross, Rowena DeMio, Cynthia Felsburg, Jennifer Flood, Melissa Folta, FORD Artists, Meghan Fronduti, Lexa Hillyer, Sarah and Pete Hoskow, Lauren Hunter, Øyvind Kalvenes, Brenda Levya-Gardner, Emanuel Lopez, Lindsey Morahan, Vivian Noderer, Ivette Perez, Stephanie Philpott, Alex Quintaba, Christopher Reid, Melissa Ritchie, Samantha Roe, Annie Schenck, Barbara Schenck, Tommy Schenck Alex Serbin-Walp, Stephanie Smith, Katie Urey

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